The Bath Chronicle Sport Awards

Similar to many other GLL partnerships across the country, Bath held it’s annual sport awards this month. The Bath Chronicle Sport Awards took place on November 9th at Bath Racecourse and was hosted by BBC Sports Broadcaster John Inverdale.


SportsAid SportsBall – 40th Anniversary

The annual SportsAid SportsBall was extra special this year, with a 40th anniversary to be celebrated. A number of Olympians and Paralymypians were in attendance to show support to the charity that helped them financially from the start of their careers.

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GLL Sport Foundation Belfast Awards

GLL has awarded 57 athletes from Belfast with support and funding as part of the GLL Sport Foundation at an awards ceremony at Belfast City Hall. This is the first year first year of GSF in Belfast, working in partnership with Mary Peters Trust and Belfast City Council.


GLL Sport Foundation Sprint Workshop with GB Coach Chris Zah

The GLL Sport Foundation offers Sport Science and Athlete Performance workshops throughout the year for our supported athletes to attend. This year so far Middlesex University have hosted Performance Analysis and Strength & Conditioning workshops, with the next being Sprint Training at Mile End Stadium with GB Coach Chris Zah.


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