Coaching and Employment



  • Supported athletes with sports coaching qualifications can apply for GLL coaching roles apply now
  • Supported athletes that want to gain coaching qualifications please contact us
  • Supported athletes can apply for wider GLL roles apply now


Manchester City Council residents can apply for sports coaching awards contact us

  • Achieve – Level 3 and 4 National Governing Body qualification award
  • Develop – Level 1 and 2 National Governing Body qualification award
  • Support – Coach bursary for CPD, which is not a standard National Governing Body qualification
  • Personal Details
  • Please ensure all details are inserted correctly. Complete all your personal details in the boxes as requested
  • Manchester volunteer programme – all coaches applying for funding are expected to sign up to the volunteer programme before applying
  • About Yourself
  • Please ensure you select one of the three award levels (Support, Develop, Achieve)
  • About Your Coaching Experience
  • You need to demonstrate your coaching experience
  • Please ensure you detail your current coaching level in your sport/s, the team/s and or sessions that you coach and any relevant coaching successes
  • With your coaching goals please use the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound) approach to setting goals
  • Detail your goals for both the coming year and future years
  • How Will the Coach Award Help You
  • Clearly demonstrate all the courses you are applying for including the dates and costs
  • Coach Awards will be prioritised to coaches who demonstrate they have the biggest impact on Manchester’s communities
  • Coaches who are successful in being granted a Coach Award will be required to coach an agreed number of voluntary hours
  • Club Endorsement
  • Coach awards will be made to either individuals / club or official sporting body. Please ensure you identify the club / sporting body lead contact
  • Please ensure you gain a club / official sporting body reference to identify your sporting achievements
  • Declaration
  • Please ensure all information has been inserted correctly
  • Please note that non completion of a course will require your grant to be returned to Manchester City Council Sports Development


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