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  • Rafael Rhys Pollitt

    2017 has been an interesting year competitively where I have taken advantage of being able to enter senior events, as well as continuing to progress through the Under-14s and Under-15s. Fencing likes its age categories…..

  • Shelayna Oskan-Clarke

    Shelayna Oskan-Clarke represented Great Britain at the Rio Olympic Games where she reached the semi-finals. As the reigning British Champion, she hopes to retain her title and qualify for the World Championships in London 2017.

  • Emma Douglas

    It was such an honour and amazing opportunity to have been selected to go to Rio Paralympics as part of the Paralympic Inspiration Programme. I took away so much from 6 days we had!

  • Chloe Robyns-Landricombe

    This back injury has been going on for a few months now, I believe originally I was diagnosed from an incident where my knee ‘gave way’ in a training session. We were doing a high intensity circuit in the sand pit and were all partnered off.

  • Craig Murch

    I have had an extremely successful athletics season in my final year at Loughborough University. I broke the Warwickshire county senior record with a distance of 66.96m which was selected as the best performance of the championships.

  • Olivia Carnegie-Brown

    Follow your dreams. It’s an incredible feeling to say that i have reached my goal of becoming an Olympian and winning an Olympic medal. It is not an easy task otherwise everyone would do it however, the drive that you create from within the heart will get you through the tough days.

  • Joe Choong

    GLL support is massive to someone like me who competes in a mulit-discipline sport, and the support from GLL makes a massive difference in helping to alleviate some of the financial burden.

  • Lutalo Muhammad

    Lutalo has been supported through the GLL Sport Foundation since 2008, when he was a junior fighter looking to mate it on the international circuit. He has continually been supported through out his two Olympic cycles.

  • Montell Douglas

    GLL is extremely supportive in my journey as an athlete. Being able to access facilities all over London for me is extremely valuable with my hectic schedule and the money has been a great asset towards warm weather training camps.

  • Meera Sivakumaran

    Having a supportive team which includes Meera’s coach and parents is exceptionally important in this sport. Building this framework and foundation has helped her to where she is so far, and will continue to do so in the future.