April 29, 2018 at 5:30 pm Copper Box Arena London

London Lions – 2017-18 fixtures released

The London Lions fixtures for the upcoming season have been released. Athletes can access free tickets to the home matches – just e-mail us at gllsportfoundation@gll.org stating why you’d like to go and watch the London Lions. Good luck to the Lions, we’re confident it will be another successful season. Please see a list of fixtures below.

Sunday 1 October 2017              4:00pm    CH    (H)  Surrey Scorchers

Friday 6 October 2017                7:30pm    CH    (H)  Manchester Giants

Friday 13 October 2017               7:30pm    CH    (A)  Newcastle Eagles

Sunday 15 October 2017             4:00pm   CUP   (H)  Leeds Force

Sunday 22 October 2017             5:30pm    CH    (A)  Cheshire Phoenix

Friday 27 October 2017               7:30pm    CH    (A)  Sheffield Sharks


Friday 3 November 2017             7:30pm    CH    (H)  Worcester Wolves

Sunday 5 November 2017           4:00pm    CH    (A)  Plymouth Raiders

Friday 17 November 2017           7:30pm    CH    (A)  Bristol Flyers


Friday 8 December 2017             7:30pm    CH    (A)  Leicester Riders

Friday 29 December 2017           7:30pm    CH    (A)  Glasgow Rocks


Monday 1 January 2018              4:00pm    CH    (A)  Surrey Scorchers

Sunday 7 January 2018               4:00pm    CH    (H)  Sheffield Sharks

Friday 12 January 2018               7:30pm    CH    (H)  Cheshire Phoenix

Sunday 21 January 2018              4:00pm    CH    (A)  Leeds Force

Saturday 27 January 2018            7:30pm    CH    (A)  Bristol Flyers


Friday 2 February 2018                7:30pm    CH    (A)  Newcastle Eagles

Friday 9 February 2018                7:30pm    CH    (H)  Plymouth Raiders

Sunday 25 February 2018            4:00pm    CH    (H)  Leeds Force

Wednesday 28 February 2018     7:30pm    CH    (H)  Glasgow Rocks


Friday 9 March 2018                   7:30pm    CH    (H)  Leicester Riders

Sunday 11 March 2018                4:00pm    CH    (H)  Bristol Flyers

Friday 23 March 2018                 7:30pm    CH    (H)  Surrey Scorchers

Sunday 25 March 2018                5:00pm    CH    (A)  Manchester Giants

Friday 30 March 2018                 7:30pm    CH    (H)  Newcastle Eagles


Wednesday 4 April 2018             7:30pm    CH    (H)  Plymouth Raiders

Saturday 7 April 2018                  7:30pm    CH    (A)  Sheffield Sharks

Friday 13 April 2018                    7:30pm    CH    (A)  Leeds Force

Sunday 15 April 2018                  4:00pm    CH    (H)  Worcester Wolves

Friday 20 April 2018                    7:30pm    CH    (A)  Leicester Riders

Saturday 28 April 2018                7:30pm    CH    (H)  Manchester Giants

Sunday 29 April 2018                   5:30pm    CH    (A)  Cheshire Phoenix


Tickets are on sale for the BB All Stars event whilst Lions Early Bird season tickets are still available until the end of July. Regular season tickets will go on sale shortly.



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