Freddie Kemp

Freddie obtained five National Titles last year and aims to get into the National Talent Squad and compete at the World Championships.

Freddie’s biggest12045613_10156117416545541_6287308515460745514_o achievement would be at last years sprint and marathon National Championships. He obtained 5 National Titles (K2: 1000m, 500m, 200m and marathon, and K1: 200m), a fantastic achievement by the 15 year old.

Recently, he has raced in Belgium at the Ghent International Regatta. Freddie managed to get through the heats and semis and come 5th in the final of K1 200m and 1000m. This was against people a year older than him so was very pleased with his performance.

Freddie also hit his best time in 200 K1; 41.38, and 1000; 4:14. Earlier in the year he raced at a smaller competition in Guilford called the Wey Hasler, coming 3rd over a 12 mile course. Freddie was only 30 seconds off the promotion time to Division 2, which he hopes to reach within the next couple races!

“GLL has helped me train even harder with their great gym facilities which I often use and they have improved, my fitness and strength. Their grant has also helped me buy some new paddles which have really improved my paddling and have made me faster, I am really grateful for this. Thank you GLLSF!”

IMG_2792Freddie’s goal for this year is to get the national title for Under 16 K1 200m. This will be very challenging as it is against paddlers a year older and he will need to focus on his training even harder to do this. In a more long-term perspective, Freddie would like to get into the National Talent Squad and race at World Championships within 2-3 years.

Freddie said, “I am constantly training as hard as I can and I feel that with the extra funding from GLL I could get even higher in the sport. I am very grateful for any help I receive along the way to my goals, whether it be coaching, advice or funding; all these I take on board to and try to use most effectively and to further my capabilities in kayaking. My overall goal is to go to the Olympics and become a World Champion.”

We are very happy to be supporting Freddie for another year and hope the training membership and funding helps him to get ever closer to his goals.