Team GB Lutalo Muhammad is a Taekwondo athlete that has competed at two Olympic Games and on both occasions has been centre of vast media attention.

In London 2012 he brilliantly secured a bronze medal after beating a string of world leading fighters; this was the culmination of many years of dedication, but before he even won the medal his selection for the Games was under scrutiny in the much profiled selection between himself and Aaron Cook.  Lutalo did his talking on the mat and secured a medal in his first Games.

London was then followed by four years of total dedication to his sole focus to become Olympic champion in Rio 2016.  Lutalo again had to go through a very touch selection process because there again were other GB fighters at the top of their game fighting for selection.  Lutalo was selected for the Games and but for a last second flying kick would have secured his dream and Olympic title.

Lutalo was obviously totally devastated post fight, and this was shown across the world post fight interview with the BBC, his dream had been crushed.

Now one week on from his phenomenal feat of silver where he has become a two time Olympic medallist and in that the most successful GB male taekwondo athlete of all time his attention has turned back to his Olympic dream.

How does it feel to be a double Olympic medallist?

“Absolutely fantastic, being a double Olympic medallist is something that I have always wanted!! Coming so close to gold has made me even hungrier to be an Olympic champion.  Make sure you follow my journey to Tokyo 2020 it is going to be exciting!”.

What advice would you give to a young athlete who wants to be the next Lutalo Muhammad?

“Pick one sport, one discipline and stick at it.  Take it from me you will get good and once you are good enter competitions, its competitions that really hones talent and skill”.

Lutalo has been supported through the GLL Sport Foundation since 2008, when he was a junior fighter looking to mate it on the international circuit.  He has continually been supported through out his two Olympic cycles.

“When I first started to compete internationally the GLL Sport Foundation was my only source of funding and I can sincerely say ‘but for’ GSF I would not of transitioned from a skinny kid that loved sport to an Olympic medallist. I’ll never forget the help I received”.

The GLL Sport Foundation is focussed on supporting Lutalo’s journey to Tokyo 2020, but also thousands more athletes that are striving for their own sporting dream.

To become supported through the GLL Sport Foundation, apply into the annual award round for 2017 which open 20th December 2016 and closes 20th February 2017 via our online portal at –

Lutalo 2016 medal