Everything you need to know about GLL Sport Foundation.

What is the GLL Sport Foundation?

The GLL Sport Foundation is the largest independent athlete support programme in the UK.  The Foundation is operated by Charitable Social Enterprise GLL.

The Foundation is focused on supporting athletes across the UK to develop performance and achieve sporting success.  The Foundation is aligned to National Sporting partners including SportsAid, SportsAid Wales, Mary Peters Trust and National Governing Bodies of Sport ensuring the Foundation supports talent pathways within UK sport.

What are the aims of the Foundation?

The GLL Sport Foundation aims to support talented athletes to develop sport performance and achieve sporting success.

Through the successes of athletes, other athletes, young people and our wider local communities are inspired to achieve their goals whether that be within sport, business, community or the arts; this then directly links back to GLL’s wider focus of community engagement and making a positive impact within the communities we operate in.

How do I qualify for an award?

To qualify for an award athletes must 1) have a direct link to where GLL operate sport and leisure venues and 2) compete within performance sport from a regional – international level.

For full details on the above please go to –

How are awards assessed?

The GLL Sport Foundation works in partnership with National organisations including SportsAid, SportsAid Wales, Mary Peters Trust and National Governing Bodies of Sport to ensure that athlete awards are aligned to UK sport talent pathways.
The GLL Sport Foundation priorities athletes that live in areas operated by GLL, Olympic and Paralympic sports and where applications are oversubscribed financial awards will be prioritised to these two criteria*.

*Also to note where the Foundation partners with a Local Authority and Public Sector partner programme; awards and award terms and conditions will be aligned to the relevant partnership agreement.

Can I apply if I am already funded?

Athletes that are funded by another third party eg National Governing Body of Sport, private funding, etc is still eligible to apply for a GLL Sport Foundation award, but the award level will be linked to a Top Up or Training Award.

For full details on award levels and awards criteria please go to – Awards Criteria

Where is GLL Sport Foundation support available?

The GLL Sport Foundation supports athletes across the UK where GLL operate sport and leisure venues.

For eligible areas please go to – Area Partners

How will athletes benefit?

Athletes receive:

1) Financial support through awards ranging from £100-£1250 and or

2) Training membership support providing free access to sport and leisure venues currently managed by GLL and our partners.

3) Sport science support through access to physiotherapy, injury rehabilitation, and other sport science programmes.

4) Athletes can also gain employment for GLL and also access learning, qualifications and development opportunities through the GLL Sport Foundation and GLL.

For full athlete benefits please go to – Athlete Benefits

When will awards be made?

GLL Sport Foundation applications are open annually running from 20th December until 20th February.
Awards are then distributed to athletes in April until June.
Athletes are then eligible to re apply each year as long as they continue to meet the award and eligibility criteria.

How will the funding be given?

The GLL Sport Foundation makes financial award payments directly through one single bank transfer.
All athlete communications are made via emails, including award decisions.

What sports is the Foundation supporting?

The GLL Sport Foundation is an inclusive programme, all sports that are aligned to Sport England and have a performance pathway are eligible for support.

The Foundation prioritises Olympic and Paralympic sports and if applications are oversubscribed, financial awards will be targeted towards Olympic and Paralympic sports.

What are the terms and conditions of GLL Sport Foundation Support?

You can view the full terms & conditions of GLL Sport Foundation support here.
All athletes will have to accept T&Cs prior to the submission of applications.