Judo Star Jonah Alfert

Judo star Jonah Alfert picks up brilliant bronze at Maccabiah Games in Israel

Jonah Alfert, a member of Chalfont Judokwai and a pupil of Dr Challoner’s Grammar School in Amersham, has won Great Britain’s first ever under 21s Judo medal in the world Maccabiah games, held in Israel. Jonah is also supported by the GLL Sport Foundation in the Chiltern region.

Jonah was chosen to represent GB following trials last year, and has trained very hard for the event, travelling all around the country as well as abroad at internationals for instruction and competitions.

He has been practising his judo skills since the age of eight at Chalfont & Evreham Judokwai in Chalfont St. Peter and has over the last year expanded his training to the point where he has been attending sessions five times a week, along with competitions for many weekends.

He is well respected within the judo fraternity, holding twelve National Championship gold medals, along with gaining a string of European medals of all hues.

Jonah said: “This has been a tough year preparing for the event, but the experience has been more than worth it.

“The competition standard was the toughest I’ve ever seen and I’m proud to get a medal for Britain.  With my GCSE’s approaching,

“I know that I cannot maintain this level of training, but am determined to continue developing my Judo ability as it is great for my physical fitness, toughness and agility.  As I meet and make friends all over the country through Judo, for plain socialising, you just can’t beat it.”

Jonah has been having some rest time at the end of the summer and is looking forward to getting back in the gym in the GLL centres which he gets access to as a supported athlete. He’s had a fantastic summer and we wish him the best of luck for next season!