Ldsc National Disability Championships

London Disability Swimming Club bring home multiple medals from National Disability Championships

National Disability Championships Manchester 10th and 11th December 2016

Seventeen London Disability Classified Swimmers travelled to Manchester to compete in this prestigious annual event, supported by Michelle, Head Coach and Nick, Team Manager.

Saturday morning opened with a heroes parade and celebration of GB Rio Paralympians including of course GSF ambassador and London Disability Swimming Club’s (LDSC) Amy Marren.

LDSC sent in a summary of results which can be seen below:

So to the first event, the 100m freestyle in which there were 150+ male entries and 91 female entries .

There were some really strong swims from our LDSC individuals. Notable, were the PBs from Sebastian, Balthazar, Ben, Josh, Leah and Charlie.

Gold – Amy, Daisi, Kahoru

Silver – Charlie, Jerry-Raye

Bronze – Seb, Leah

4th – Aaron, Balthazar

5th – Matthew, Ben

6th – Sarah, Haddie, Leo

11th – Billy

We then swiftly moved onto the 100m breaststroke – Our swimmers stepping up on the blocks to give their best for their individual swims.

Matthew achieved a two second PB and silver and Seb a massive 9 second PB, Billy swam outside his entry time finishing 12th overall in his age and classification. Leah, Charlie and Sarah also swam in this event, Charlie reaching 4th in his respective age groups.

Silver – 

Seb, Matthew, Daisi
4th – Charlie

6th – Sarah

12th – Billy

DQ – Leah

The afternoon started with the 50m Freestyle with the following results once age group/classifications were calculated;  Seb (PB with bronze), Balthazar (Bronze & a PB), Matthew (5th), Ben (6th), Aaron (4th), Daisi (Gold), Ben (6th), Josh (Silver), Billy (11th), Chloe (5th), Charlie (2nd & Silver), Leah (Bronze), Haddie (6th), Amy (Gold ), Sarah (4th).

Gold – 

Daisi, Kahouru, Amy
Silver – Josh, Jerry-Ray, Charlie

Bronze – Seb, Leah, Balthazar

4th – Aaron, Sarah

5th – Matthew, Chloe

6th – Ben, Haddie

11th – Billy

We then moved to the 200 IM, from LDSC 6 male swimmers and 4 female competed with strong swims.

Gold – 

Aaron, Charlie, Amy, Kahoru
Silver – Daisi

Bronze – Leo

5th – Sarah

13th – Billy

DQ – Josh, Leah, Seb

Our second morning brought just as much enthusiasm, all swimmers arriving on time to meet their coaches for warm up at 07:30am.  The first events of the morning were launched with the 100m Backstroke, 11 male heats followed by 9 female.  LDSC results were Seb with a massive 5 second PB; Matthew, Leo, Daisi, Billy and Ben swam just outside their entry times; Balthazar gained a further PB swimming a second faster.  Charlie, Leah and Chloe all swam PB’s, Sarah was just outside hers.

The results of the 100m Backstroke in age and classification are:

Gold – 

Daisi, Amy, Josh
Silver – Seb, Leo, Leah

Bronze – Chloe

4th – Balthazar, Sarah, Ben, Matthew

10th – Billy

LDSC had 2 qualifying swimmers for the 50m Butterfly with Charlie and Leah swimming –

Gold – 

Silver – Charlie

Moving onto the 100m Butterfly our swimmers were Balthazar, Billy, Josh, Aaron, Daisi and Amy.

Gold – 

Daisi, Josh, Amy
Silver – Aaron, Kahoru

Bronze – Balthazar

7th – Billy

The final afternoon started with 200 metres Freestyle with Billy as our only competitor

Results by age and classification were:

11th – 

This was followed by the 400 metres Freestyle in which we had 8 swimmers.

Results by age and classification were:

Gold – 

Kahoru, Josh
Silver – Charlie

Bronze – Leo

4th – Balthazar, Matthew, Ben

6th – Haddie

The Medal Tally at the end of the 2 days was an amazing 44.

Gold – 19

Silver – 16

Bronze – 9 

Multiple personal bests were achieved by many swimmers part of LDSC. The GLL Sport Foundation is proud to support the club and their amazing achievements from this weekend.

To conclude, LDSC had a very successful weekend, achieving a total of 44 medals. 2016 has been a great year for the club, and the GLL Sport Foundation will be supporting them through 2017 to hopefully better their achievements from this year.