A Medal Haul Of 59 For Gsf Athletes At Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

A medal haul of 59 for GSF athletes at Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games!

The success of the UK’s largest independent athlete support programme, the GLL Sport Foundation has once again been recognised, with 59 athletes, who’ve received financial or practical help from the Foundation, winning medals at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

GSF past and present athletes from across the United Kingdom won a total of 21 gold, 21 silver, and 17 bronze medals in a range of sports spanning everything from swimming, athletics, and weightlifting to wheelchair basketball, hockey, and tennis.

The medalists represented England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland and included Andrea Spendolini-Siriex & Noah Williams (Diving), Aiden & Michaela Walsh (Boxing), Hannah Russell & Grace Harvey (Swimming), Daryll Neita (Athletics), and Anna Hursey (Table Tennis).
In 2022 over 1,500 talented athletes secured funding from the Sport Foundation, with 146 selected to represent their nations at the historic Birmingham Games.  Overall 87% of supported athletes receive no other centralised or independent assistance, highlighting the huge practical challenges many face when aspiring to compete at the top level.

Daryll Neita, who secured a bronze in the women’s 100m and a silver in the 4×4 100m relay said: “I am so thankful for the support I have received from GLL Sport Foundation. My first individual medal ever is extremely special and I would not be here if it wasn’t for the support I have received from the GLL ‘family’.”

Fiona Crackles (Camden) following her Gold Medal with Team England in the Women’s Hockey said: “The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham were phenomenal. I can still feel the roar from the crowds in my chest when we won our gold medal match. “

Saffron Severn, part of England’s bronze medal-winning rhythmic gymnastics team, trains at Better Gym Bexleyheath, Saffron said: “If it wasn’t for being able to access GLL facilities I don’t know how I would’ve got through. I would like to thank all the GLL staff for their support.”

Simon Lawson (Allerdale) following his success in the wheelchair marathon said: “The games were Brilliant! Birmingham hosted the games incredibly! Team England provided us all with great support and helped us deliver medals!  I am proud to be a GSF athlete and couldn’t have achieved my medal without the help and support!”
Peter Bundey, GLL Sport Foundation Chair, paid tribute to the medal winning athletes commenting:  “We know the enormous hard work, sacrifice and dedication that goes into becoming an elite athlete and it is hugely rewarding to see so many of the athletes we are helping or have assisted in the past, achieving the success that they deserve.

“The 2022 Commonwealth Games are particularly special being on home soil and it has been great to see the diverse pool of talent, within our cohort of supported athletes, winning across such a wide range of sports, while representing each of the four home nations.

“These Games have demonstrated the need for a Foundation like ours and its ability to make a real difference. Without the appropriate financial and practical support many talented sportsmen and women might otherwise not have achieved their full potential or had the honour of representing their country.”

The GLL Sport Foundation is designed to give young talented athletes financial assistance, access to sports facilities and athlete support services. It works in partnership with SportsAid, SportsAid Wales and the Mary Peters Trust in Northern Ireland as well as numerous sporting, medical and local authority partners.

Commonwealth Medallists supported by the GLL Sport Foundation:


Alex Yee | Triathlon | Men’s individual | Gold
David Ellis | Triathlon | Para Triathlon | Gold
Alex Yee & Sam Dickinson | Triathlon | Mixed Relay | Gold
Alice Tai | Swimming | Women’s 100m Backstroke S8 | Gold
Ashley McKenzie | Judo | Men -60 kg | Gold
Daniel Powell | Judo | Men -73 kg | Gold
Orlan Jackman | Basketball | 3×3 Mens | Gold
Jamal Petgrave | Judo |  Men -90 kg | Gold
Aled Davies | Athletics | Men’s Discus Throw F42-44/61-64 | Gold
Tom Dean | Swimming | Men’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay | Gold
Andrea Spendolini Siriex | Diving | Women’s 10m platform | Gold
Matty Lee & Noah Williams | Diving | Men’s Synchronised 10m Platform | Gold
Nick Miller | Athletics | Men’s Hammer Throw | Gold
Joshua Stacey | Table Tennis | Men’s Singles Classes 8-10 | Gold
Jono Efoloko | Athletics | Men’s 4×100 relay | Gold
Dylan Eagleson | Boxing | Men’s Over 51kg-54kg (Bantamweight) | Gold
Fiona Crackles, Tess Howard &Izzy Petter | Hockey | Women’s Hockey | Gold
Aidan Walsh | Boxing | Men’s Over 67kg-71kg (Light Middle) | Gold
Michaela Walsh | Boxing | Women’s Over 54kg-57kg (Featherweight) | Gold
Grace Reid | Diving | Mixed Synchronised 3m Springboard | Gold
Andrea Spendolini Siriex  & Noah Williams | Diving | Mixed Synchronised 10m Platform | Gold
Tom Dean & Anna Hopkins | Swimming | Mixed relay | Silver
Tom Dean | Swimming | 200m Freestyle | Silver
Hannah Russell | Swimming | Women’s 50m Freestyle S13 | Silver
Tom Dean | Swimming | Men’s 4×100 relay | Silver
Anna Hopkin | Swimming | Women’s 4×100 relay | Silver
Jessica Gordon-Brown | Weightlifting | 59kg Women | Silver
Dominic Coy | Triathlon | Mixed relay | Silver
Brodie Williams | Swimming | Men’s 100m Backstroke final | Silver
Tom Dean | Swimming |  100m Freestyle | Silver
Grace Harvey | Swimming | Women’s 100m Breaststroke SB6 | Silver
Tom Dean | Swimming | Men’s 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay | Silver
Gemma Howell | Judo | Women’s 63kg | Silver
Jade Lally | Athletics | Discuss | Silver
Tom Dean | Swimming | Men’s 200m Individual Medley | Silver
Jessica-Jane Applegate | Swimming | Women’s 200m Freestyle S14 | Silver
Andrea Spendolini Siriex  & Eden Cheng | Diving | Women’s Synchronised 10m Platform | Silver
Victoria Ohuruogu | Athletics | Women’s 400m | Silver
Daryll Neita,  Asha Philip,  Imani Lansiquot & Bianca Williams | Athletics | Women’s 4×100 relay | Silver
Carly McNaul | Boxing | Women’s Over 48kg-50kg (Light Fly) | Silver
Kyle Kothari | Diving | Mixed Synchronised 10m Platform | Silver
Sarah-Jane Perry | Squash | Women’s doubles | Silver
Simon Lawson | Athletics | T53/54 Wheelchair marathon | Bronze
Abderrahim Taghrest | Basketball | 3×3 Wheelchair final | Bronze
Jasmine Hacker-Jones | Judo | Women’s 63kg | Bronze
Jade Atkin & Joy Haizelden | Basketball | Women’s 3×3 Wheelchair Basketball | Bronze
Kelly Peterson-Pollard | Judo | Women’s 70kg | Bronze
James Hollis | Swimming | Men’s 100m Butterfly S10 | Bronze
Sarah-Jane Perry | Squash | Women’s Singles | Bronze
Louise Fiddes | Swimming | Women’s 200m Freestyle S14 | Bronze
Anna Hopkin | Swimming | Women’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay | Bronze
Daryll Neita | Athletics | Women’s 100m | Bronze
Saffron Severn | Gymnastics | Rhythmic women’s team | Bronze
Scott Lincoln | Athletics | Men’s Shot Put | Bronze
Robyn Birch & Emily Martin | Diving | Women’s Synchronised 10m Platform | Bronze
Javier Bello & Joaquin Bello | Beach Volleyball | Men’s Beach Volleyball | Bronze
Matty Lee | Diving | Men’s 10m Platform | Bronze
Anna Hursey | Table Tennis | Women’s Doubles | Bronze
Emily Boyd | Diving | Mixed Synchronised 10m Platform | Bronze