Sarah Barrow

Sarah Barrow

Sarah is an Great Britain International diver that has won multiple medals at World, European and Commonwealth Championships. After coming 5th at the London 2012 Olympics, Sarah has been selected for Rio and hopes to come home with a medal

Sarah has an interesting sporting journey which she explains below;

“This year has been very tough with having to overcome injury where I had stress fractures in each shin. Rehab and training has been up and down and I was taken out of the synchro team I had spent 6 years in, I was taken out twice. In January I finished 2nd behind my friend and synchro partner Tonia Couch at the National Cup, we were put together again and qualified a spot for GB with a Bronze medal. Two days later I was taken out of the synchro pair and replaced.”
“Feeling deflated I took a couple weeks to decide if I wanted to carry on. My parents and coach were supportive enough to keep me in the sport. I went up to Leeds for 3 weeks of rehab and my pain disappeared. Too early I competed at a Grand Prix in Puerto Rico and due to a poor performance I wasn’t selected for the European Championships. Again, feeling knocked back I had to pick myself up. My team back in Plymouth came up with a 6 week taper plan to win and get the qualifying points at the National Championships, this would make sure I was on that Rio Olympic Team.”

“With a lot of support from friends, family, support staff and my coach Andy Banks I was so focused going into the Olympic Trials at the National Championships. Over everyone else I had experience and confidence. I got the qualifying points and won the Trials. I was elated, so happy that something good had come of the season. I had worked so hard. I will continue to work hard to dive my best at the Games.”

Below you can see Sarah’s achievements to date;

World Cup Bronze 2016 10m synchro, i had been taken out of the synchro team due to injury but was put back in last minute. We both qualified a GB spot for the Olympic Games.

– European Champion 2014 10m, after battling with a shin injury my coach asked me not to go but because my parents had bought tickets to go, I went to finish off the season. Very glad I did go! First Champion since 1927.

– Commonwealth Games Silver 2014 10m synchro, the Games were very close to the World Championships in Shanghai and with an emergency landing on the plane we were on back home it was quite stressful.

e on back home it was quite stressful.

– World Championship 4th place 2013 10m, I exceeded all expectations and dived very well to finish in the best position a female has in any World Championship.

– World Cup Bronze 2012 10m synchro, we were in 8th place before the last round and we did the dive of our life to pull us up to a World Bronze. First female medal in 82 years.

– European Champion 2012 10m synchro – first female medal in 74 years

– Multiple World Series medals

– 13x National Champion
“The GLL Sport Foundation has helped me a lot this year, they have given me support for my rocky season. I had to go up to Leeds from Plymouth for recovery and rehab and the GLL has helped fund my time up there along with British Diving. With no sponsorship, GLL has also helped me to buy resources to help with my rehab this season. They have taken the pressure off any financial worries so I could solely concentrate on going for the win at the Olympic Trials.”
Sarah’s goals for the year are to train consistently injury free and strong to get into the Final at the Olympic Games. To be in the final in an individual competition will enable her to see how far in the final she can get and then anything can happen. She will enjoy the experience regardless of the result.
Ultimately, Rio will probably be Sarah’s last Olympic Games so she is looking for a career involving developing schools with their PE lessons, or working with Women in Sport.  Sarah is currently doing a Masters in Sports Journalism but it involves research into Women in Sports Journalism. Her aim is to finish it and graduate by next year.

We are very proud to have Sarah as an ambassador of the GLL Sport Foundation and delighted that she has another shot at an Olympic medal out in Rio.