Jasmine Conway ranked number one U12 GB tennis player

Jasmine Conway is a GLL Sport Foundation supported tennis player based out in South Oxfordshire. She has written a summary of her current rankings and her season so far.

Jasmine is currently Nationally  number 1 GB in the 12u age group (Rankings will vary week by week)

Jasmine took part in the summer Nike National grade 1 event.which is the pinnacle of the British domestic calendar bringing together the very top National players. She was the only player that qualified for 2 age groups, 12u and 14u. Jasmine decided to take part in the older age group for development reasons , which meant she was the very youngest player by a year at the tournament which will see  her ranking will drop next week as she chose a much tougher competition.

Summer tournament results:-

7/7 Scottish Junior National Championships           12u singles Winner

12u doubles Finalist

22/7 18u grade 3 Dan Burden Memorial trophy       18u doubles Winner

26/7 16u grade 3 Malvern open                                16u singles Winner

18u grade 3                                                          18u doubles Finalist

2/8   16u grade3 Penarth Open                      16u singles  Winner

18u grade 3                                                      18u doubles Winner

9/8   16u grade 3 Yonex white horse           16u singles Winner

16u grade 3                                                       16u doubles Winner

18u grade3                                                        18u singles Winner

18u grade 3                                                       18u doubles Finalist

16/8 16u grade 3 Winchester                         16u singles Finalist

20/8 14u grade 1 National Championships Nottingham R2