Kirsten Wells feeling confident ahead of SYC women’s Ultimate Frisbee trials

Kirsten Wells is an Ultimate Frisbee player supported by the GLL Sport Foundation. She has sent us an update of how training and competition is going.

I’m Kirsten, I’m 26 years old and I live in Hackney. My main sport is Ultimate Frisbee and I have been playing for 5 and a half years. Last season I played for an elite women’s team in the UK – SYC. We ended up 3rd at UK Nationals, and 9th at the European Finals. I will be using the training membership mainly for strength and conditioning training – weight training and track work, plus swimming as another form of cardio.

So far…

One Christmas indulgent week aside, training has been going incredibly well. I have been using Kings Hall Leisure Centre as my main base for strength and conditioning activities to get me through the off season.
The gym is fantastic – its quite refreshing to never have to really wait long for a piece of equipment, and all the other members seem to be really friendly which is completely different to my previous gym! I’m also really enjoying the opportunity to swim regularly again – something I haven’t done for a few years!

I’m feeling stronger, and fitter and this showed at my most recent training session last weekend. Last season I struggled a lot with an ongoing injury (a misaligned/over-rotated pelvis, which caused my hamstring on my left side to overwork, causing a lot of pain!). But I’m finding I can run for extended periods of time without this, which is really promising! It felt good to be back on the pitch after a three month break, so I’m looking forward to the next session tomorrow!

All in all, so far so good, which I’m really pleased about.

Trials for SYC are coming up in three weeks. Kirsten will be updating us as to whether or not she makes the squad – we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

Supported athletes – if you have any updates about how your sporting journey is going we’d love to hear all about it! Thanks to Kirsten for sending this in to us and good luck for trials coming up!


SYC Ultimate Squad with fellow winners of the Spirit Prize at Euros – A team called Box from Vienna, Austria. (Kirsten is in the middle, holding the disc!)

As Ultimate Frisbee is self-officiated (no referees!), the teams rely on what is called Spirit of the Game. It encompasses a lot of things, from rule knowledge to sportsmanship and to fair mindedness and good communication. SYC were voted by the teams they played against to have had good spirit and tied with Box for the award.