Meera Sivakumaran

After getting to number 7 in the country, and number 1 for her age group, Meera would like to progress in the rankings

Meera started playing badminton at the age of 10 at a local club.  She then represented Surrey juniors from the age of 11. At thirteen she started receiving coaching and entering national tournaments, which gradually got her senior ranking up to it’s current standing of 8. Meera is now entering Internationals, the highlight being the All England in March this year.

Meera’s focus for 2016 was to get selected for Surreys senior first team, progress into the top ten in England’s national rankings, and to start playing Internationals. These goals are looking very realistic to reach and maintain.

“GLL and the Sport Foundation has been an extremely important factor in my development so far. It has enabled to me to have all my training sessions at Rainbow Leisure Centre which has been exceptionally helpful. The funding helps me with coaching and national tournaments. I have also recently been able to have some physiotherapy sessions, for which advice and feedback has been invaluable.”

Meera’s daily routine includes exercises for an hour per day, coaching 2/3 times per week with tournaments at weekends. Her training schedule is full on and she makes good use of her training membership at Rainbow Leisure Centre.

Meera said, “My goals keep me motivated. I wish to be the best I can be, which I would love to include being ranked England number one, play at the Olympics and have a world number one ranking.”

Having a supportive team which includes Meera’s coach and parents is exceptionally important in this sport. Building this framework and foundation has helped her to where she is so far, and will continue to do so in the future.

Meera has a bright future ahead of her.