Anna Hursey climate change

GSF’s Anna Hursey is Tackling Climate Change

Recently our very own Anna Hursey has been in the spotlight for her involvement with the USA’s aims to tackle climate change.

Usually Anna is making headlines for her Table Tennis talents, most notably being the youngest ever athlete to be selected for a Commonwealth Games in 2018. Joe Biden made it clear climate change was an important issue he wants to tackle during his presidency and Anna has been approached by the White House to support with it.

During a recent interview Anna Said:

“I think because I am a young champion for the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) – and also I play table tennis.

“The US Embassy sent me an email, just saying, if I can get involved with them and talk about climate change. I was really surprised and shocked. A bit nervous but I am excited! I will probably be involved with the US Embassy more (than President Biden himself) but it is really good.”

 Anna also made an appearance on Good Morning Britain on 30th March 2021, to further discuss her involvement in tackling climate change. Which is an issue she is passionate about and with many other young people who are now taking this issue very seriously and being proactive to bring about change.