The Osborne Clinic

GLL Sport Foundation partners with Newcastle's Osborne Clinic

The GLL Sport Foundation is delighted to partner with our first northern physiotherapy clinic. The Osborne Clinic is based in Newcastle with the aim to support athletes in the surrounding area and to continue to grow the programme in the northern region. The Osborne Clinic is one of the largest and long-established independent physiotherapy practices in Newcastle and in the northeast region. As such, it is a physiotherapy centre of physiotherapy excellence with world-class expertise in the treatment and prevention of all types of pain from sports injuries to chronic condition.

The clinic is trusted by local patients, healthcare professionals and major insurance providers because: their treatment plans are 100% bespoke depending on the patient's unique presentation: they combine an expert mixture of joint mobilisation and manipulation, taping, massage, electrotherapy, acupuncture, and specific individualised exercise programmes: they provide expert advice throughout the treatment process to reduce the risk of injury recurrence.

Having served the North East since 1977, The Osborne Clinic is proud to have earned the trust and confidence of local patients, healthcare professionals and major insurance providers. In 1995 they were awarded accredited status by the Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice.

The GLL Sport Foundation are excited to partner with such a prestigious clinic and look forward to referring out the first athlete. If you are an injured athlete in the Newcastle area, please e-mail us on to set up an appointment.