Sibling Success For South West Water Skiiers

The GLL Sport Foundation supports athletes throughout the UK and are pleased to receive positive news and results from all parts of the country.

Amelia and Tom Tooze are based down in Taunton and use the GLL centres down in the South West to help with their training for water skiing. They have both have had a very successful year skiing with the British Water Ski  Racing Team. Amelia is ranked 1st in the National Under 14s British Kids, and Tom is ranked 1st in the National  under 11’s British Kids. They also won the International Champion title in their individual categories.

Both Amelia and Tom had an opportunity to join Team GB in Belgium and Amelia competed very well and achieved 4th and amazingly Tom entered his category and achieved 1st place for Team GB. They remain very committed to their sport and their training regimes. Amelia and Tom’s mother wrote to us and personally wanted to thank Alison Cottey (Community Play & Funding Officer) for her advice and support throughout the year.

“The staff at Blackbrook Pavilion where they both train are always very helpful and welcoming and the gym instructors always encouraging and supportive. Generally people are often quick to complain about a service but forget to give thanks and I hope they will be pleased to have an update and positive feedback.”

Well done to Amelia and Tom for having such a successful season – we hope to continue supporting them both to some more fantastic results in 2018.