Terms & Conditions



Includes ongoing support, e.g gym membership, discounted or free use of facilities and financial support

Sports Partners;

Organisations that operate within the sports industry and have knowledge of athletes at a competitive level. Such as Sports Aid, National Governing Bodies and the British Olympic Association.


may include any of the following:

Appearance at local facility or location for promotion of the GSF, which may involve being interviewed for local press/radio;

Deliver / co deliver a Master class in the athlete’s chosen sport;

Photo shoot for use in national or local campaigns promoting GSF or GLL Better (subject to separate photo consent waiver).

or any other similar sporting promotion event.


Is the trading name of Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL)

Terms & Conditions

  • All applicants must agree to comply with ‘Terms & Conditions’ prior to application being accepted. The ‘T&C’s’ box should be ticked at the end of the online application process.
  • All applicants under 16 years of age must have parent/guardian permission prior to submitting
  • Full Details of the athlete will be shared with ‘Sport Partners’ to verify applicants’ sporting ability and standing in order to accurately profile awards.
  • The information contained on the Application Form must be correct to the best of applicant’s knowledge.
  • The GLL Sport Foundation reserves the right to request proof that the financial award monies have been used only in relation to equipment, competition fees/costs (including costs ancillary to competition attendance), club fees and other reasonably associated necessities relating to the progression of the athlete’s in his/her chosen sport.
  • Recipients of a GLL Sport Foundation award are not precluded from seeking and securing funding and support from other parties.
  • The GLL Sport Foundation reserves the right to withdraw ongoing support including gym memberships, physiotherapy support as well as unpaid financial awards if Terms and Conditions are not adhered to by supported athletes.
  • GLL Sport Foundations financial awards can only be claimed by the athlete in the same year it was awarded.
  • All applicants must recognise GLL’s support by using “supported by GLL Sport Foundation” on publicity materials and social media biographies.
  • GLL Sport Foundation will require successful applicants to make themselves available for at least one Event appearance or photo call per annum upon being given reasonable notice, and giving reasonable consideration to other educational, work or sporting commitments.
  • Applicants must agree to be a role model for other ‘BETTER’ centre users, abiding by all centre rules set out by general managers.
  • Athletes will be required to provide information to the GLL Sport Foundation including their competitive events attended and planned, their training regime and general updates by email on a quarterly basis GLLsportfoundation@gll.org
    •  Notification must be given to GLL if you incur a personal injury preventing you from continued participation.
    • 6-monthly summary reports must be submitted detailing competition programme, results, and achievements.
  • Successful applicants in receipt of a GLL membership must complete all necessary membership documentation and agree to observe the Terms and Conditions of Membership and Leisure Centre Rules – https://www.better.org.uk/terms
  • GLL Sport Foundation support is dependent on GLL operating leisure contracts in your area